Monday, 12 November 2018

Stan Lee

This man. What can I say, is a true hero, a legend. He created the characters people from all ages, races and religions are known to love. He brings joy and happiness to people of millions, from all around the world. He almost quit doing comics, but with his passion and determination he continued to create masterpieces until this very day. I felt like part of my childhood innocence is lost today. I don't what I would do without Marvel. Thank you Stan Lee. For all you've done. I wish you could stay a little bit longer, but death can't be stopped. You are gone but will never bee forgotten.

At the age of 95

Thursday, 8 November 2018

8th November 2018

So plans are not going so smoothly as i thought it would be. I flunked my chemistry finals, like really really really bad today. Seeing my results really makes me want to throw up. Guess, that's what you get for being a procrastinator. Like seriously, to those students out there, i beg you, time is really precious. Just don't delay your studies as I did. Not only you get terrible marks yoh also will have some sort of mental breakdown. It will totally effect your mental health. Thanks god it's only finals. I got one last chance which is the national exam. If I don't change myself towards the better, the darkness of my future totally awaits.

I'm sorry i haven't posted for a span of 4 months. I'm dealing with exams and whatnots. I knew not more than 10 people will read this, but to those who have read my blog, i would appreaciate it very dearly.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Hong Kong

Last December, my family and I went to Hong Kong on a holiday and boy it is fun as hell. My mind went straight to Disneyland when I think of Hong Kong. The airport is situated somewhere on an island, and we took the bus to our place to stay which is Tsim Sha Tsui. It took an hour or so from the airport. This is some photos I've taken in the bus:

After we arrived at our hotel, we had dinner and I was a little taken aback. The food is a bit expensive in Hong Kong. Could you imagine a bowl of white rice is around 20 bucks? We head to the hotel and prepare for the next day. The next day arrives and my parents suggest to go to the Victoria Peak to see Hong Kong from up above. It was cramped with people at tbe tam station it too a whole 20 minutes just to get a turn on the tram. I'm scared of heights so I just "calmly" look down and it was tbe most frightening sight ever. 

I swear this is really high and I even don't want to touch the railings although my father urged me to stand by the glass railings. I sweated a lot that day and u'm pretty sure I my body odor is really bad. The next though,  is what I've been waiting for my whole life. A TRIP TO THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH: DISNEYLAND!  It wasn't even opened yet and I was giggling excitedly when I entered the Disneyland train. It's filled with Mickey's 

But what got me really screaming is the front entrance. It wasn't even opened yet for the next 30 minutes and here I am screaming with joy as I can't believe I finally arrived to the place I've been longing to go since I was a kid. 

I rode a total of 3 roller coasters,  each twice. I gitta say it is truly awesome I mean who 
would ride 3 coasters in a day. In all events, we went back to the hotel at midnight and my mother was glad if we weren't staying till the fireworks,  the train will be packed again. So that was my last night and in the afternoon we head off to the airport and we arrived in Malaysia around 6 o'clock. My next destination will hopefully be Japan

Friday, 6 April 2018


I have been a fan of anime since I was 7,back then I didn't know detective conan is an anime. One of the very first anime I watch was (you guessed it) detective conan and spirited away. The gold old times when Disney channel aired ghibli movies, oh how I missed those days. My current obsession now is an anime movie called A Silent Voice. At first o only watched it because of Miyu Irino's voice acting but as go deeper into the storyline BOI DID IT LEFT ME SOBBING.

A summary of that movie is that it is based on a manga by the same name. A deaf girl named Nishimiya who just transferred to a new school was constantly bullied by a boy named Ishida during their elementary school years to the point that she has to transfer again. Ishida, now a high school senior, becomes more mature and regrets everything he did in the past as his friends backstabbed him by revealing his doings, and left lonely. He meets her again at a local sign language  class asked her if they can be friends. Nishimiya accepts and he continues to visit her more often.

Ishida bonds with a chubby boy named Nagatsuka as he finds his mom's lost bike after it was stolen, Nagatsuka become's his best friend. Then, he met his former schoolmate Ueno and she,continues to blame Nishimiya for changing everyone's life, Ishida defends her by saying it was his fault but Ueno just laughs it off. Nishimiya asked him to join for a festival nearby, saying that she needs to study she headed home afterwards. Ishida checks on her and he was shocked to see that she
wanted to attempt suicide by jumping of her balcony. In the nick of time he saved her but it lead him to fall in a river causing him a severe injury. Nishimiya's mother, who hates him comes to apologise to his mom for saving her daughter, later Ueno got into a fight with Nishimiya by blaming everything on her and (suprisingly) also fights Nishimiya's mother. Nishimiya woke up from a dream that Ishida will never woke up and runs to the hospital, Ishida who miraculously awake met her at the usual bridge where they feed the carps. He confessed to her to help him through his life (which I think is I love you, I guess). He and Nishimiya attended a school festival and at the ending scene he walks around the crowd and uncover his ears. He began to listen to everyone after all this time he kept everyone as a sort of rejection by preventing friendship with them. Lastly he broke down crying . The end. On a side note I really recommend you to watch this movie

Thursday, 22 March 2018


To start things off, I have a question what does books meant to you?  As for me, books are my runaway from reality. Basically i'm in my own world when i'm reading. Books also inspired me to become an author,  but alas most of my ideas are thrown in the garbage can (but i'm still trying) . So, books have a lot of genres such as, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, horror and many more. My favourite genre mostly being mystery since I love Sherlock Holmes. So for those who are curious, these are the list of my favourite books.

My favourite books:

•The London Eye Mystery
•The Harry Potter series
•The Maze Runner series
•The House
•Sherlock, Lupin and Me series
•Attack on Titan series
•The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

So that wraps up for today. I'm sorry if it's not that long compared to my first post. But either way, see you~

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Hello and welcome to my very first blog. First of all I like to be referred as Wendy. I'm 16 (quite old huh), i'm the only child and I live in Malaysia. So for some people 2018 is like starting a new chapter, some say it's just another year again and some say it's horrible. Well whatever reasons you have there must be at least an interesting story right?

2018 for me is sort of a blessing I suppose. A lot of things happened last year which most of them are not so happy. I got 7As in my lower secondary exams which (thankfully) qualified me for science stream class. I'm quite fond of chemistry when i entered my first lesson. Idk why but it turns out i got the lowest score compared to my physics and biology subject 😂. But enough about school, let's talk about films. The only film I watched during the first 3 months is Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Believe me it had me wailing like a baby and a *cough* certain's someone *cough* death. Yeah you get the idea. Call me evil but I laughed at Teresa's death. I used to wonder if our world could be like a dystopian novel, I wouldn't even survive the first 30 minutes. Jeez i'm so weak. Well that summarised my first 3 months of 2018.Bye everyone~

Stan Lee

This man. What can I say, is a true hero, a legend. He created the characters people from all ages, races and religions are known to lo...